Postural Stress

Postural Stress

By: Dr. Eric McKillican, DC, FICPA, LCP

Folsom Chiropractor

As a certified Pediatric Chiropractor I see a lot of kids in my office. Some, for injuries, from playing basketball, wrestling, cheerleading or other traumatic events, others, due to daily stresses they endure. These stresses maybe subtle and most would classify them as not causing injury, but over time the repetitive pattern causes the body to adapt and grow out of alignment. These daily stresses can be caused by simple events like, poor posture, slouching, sitting at a desk or computer for long periods of time, bad shoes, even sitting with a cell phone or wallet in one’s back pocket. Any time the spine is forced out of its normal natural posture added stress and strain is place on the joints, discs and muscles. If held in that position long enough the body begins to adapt and like braces on teeth form to the new stressed structure.

One of the more important examples of this “daily stress” causing postural/structural damage are back packs. Our children are wearing back packs loaded down, and I do mean loaded down. Adding weight to the back forces the child to lean forward, first preventing them from falling over backwards, or they carry their bag over one shoulder causing the spine to twist and turn to the side. These changes in posture affects how the spine grows, carrying heavy bags or back packs, sets the foundation for many problems even later in life.

The message for today is take care of your spine and your children’s spine before it silently grows out of alignment. As Chiropractors we specialize in the analysis and correction of spinal misalignments. Safe, gentle and effective, it is good for the whole family.