I have been very blessed to witness amazing results over the years. I have to remind myself to appreciate the incredible healing abilities of the body and not to take them for granted when they happen so often. Here is what a few of my patients have said about my care. Dr. McKillican, DC

  • Dear Dr. McKillican and family,

    I want to start off by thanking you all so much for your aid and kindness. You all made the introduction into chiropractic care very relaxed and comfortable, by being friendly and keeping a happy and positive atmosphere in your work place.

    Before coming to your office I went to countless doctors, who gave me medication after medication and then did tons of blood work to figure out why I had such terrible headaches and back pain. Then my mom heard from a friend about your services and going in, you really listened to what we had to say, got things done to figure out why my back was in pain and found the cause of my headaches too.

    After starting treatment with adjustments I quickly began seeing results, less and less back pain and my headaches were beginning to fade. Before they were quite unbearable to the point they were affecting school work and daily life. So again I want to thank you for all your help and care, it’s very much appreciated and you’re one of the nicest families I’ve met.

    Sincerely grateful,

    Antonio Yanez

  • “Dr. Mckillican has made me feel great. I travel a lot and really appreciate a chiropractor who is experienced and takes the time to get to know his patients. His office staff is efficient which means I never end up waiting around. Highly recommended! “

    Justin Raithel

  • “As a young lady I was told by my doctor I would never have kids and due to my problems he recommended a hysterectomy at just 23 years old. I began care with Dr. Eric and soon my symptoms from my female issues started getting better. After getting married I was blessed with my first baby girl. Today my husband and I as well as our four children are regular wellness patients. Dr. Eric has taught us a great deal about health and wellness. That miracles do happen.”

    Gina M

  • Amazing Chiropractor!

    “What an amazing chiropractor. In February 2000 I was in an exquisite auto accident. Eric McKillican handled my entire rehabilitation. In the beginning I was seeing him 3 times a week as I was in a great deal of pain. There was one time that he even had me come to his home at midnight for an adjustment rather than waiting until regular office hours. Dr. McKillican goes above and beyond and has a genuine concern for his patients. Whether you have been in an accident or maybe have a lingering pain you can’t explain, you should visit him. Since his move back to California I have not found another chiropractor with his dedication and passion.”

    Lyle Laizure from Omaha, NE

  • Excellent choice!

    “Dr. Eric is very knowledgeable and professional! I love his work and highly recommend him to anyone who is considering chiropractic care.”

    Robin from Folsom Ca

  • Great Doctor

    Great Doctor
    “I have been adjusted by many chiropractors in my life and none compare to the gental specific care I have and do recieve from Dr. Eric McKillican. I have my children and spouce get adjusted by him regularly. “

    Happy Camper from California

  • “Super friendly staff, and pleasant atmosphere. This was my first time seeing a chiropractor and I found it to be very beneficial. Can’t wait to go back!”

    Natalie T.

  • “As a doctor I am very picky about who I choose to be my own health care providers. Dr. Mckillican has great technique and is very thorough. I highly recommend him.”

    Michele Raithel